Christian Aid Week 2018

Christian Aid Week

13-19 May 2018

The total amount raised during the week this year was: £2,433.69, our best ever total, so a huge thank you to everyone for all your help and contributions. Just over £890 of that amount was raised at our very successful Big Brekkie/Community Garden morning, thanks to the generous backing we received from Sainsburys, Waitrose and Homeless Action in Barnet. The following thank you comes from Christian Aid: Thank you for standing by the people of Haiti in their hour of need. Together, we’re stronger than the storms. Supporters like you helped to build Vilia a house strong enough to withstand the power of Hurricane Matthew in 2016. During the storm she sheltered 54 people in it, potentially saving their lives. Your support for Christian Aid Week 2018 will help to provide safe, secure homes many more of her neighbours. Thank you for everything you’ve done for people like Vilia. For those of you who are interested in facts and figures, we collected a total of 162 envelopes and Christian Aid will be able to reclaim an additional 25% on £1551.82 of the above total (from those who completed the Gift Aid form) adding a further £388 to the total amount. We had 7 collectors plus a further 5 people helping to deliver envelopes, and a very efficient team of 8 people helped count all the money


                                                                                Alison Bond                           


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