Christian Aid Week 2015


Christian Aid Week

10 - 16 May 2015


Afraid, alone, in pain

Be the answer to Loko’s prayer this Christian Aid Week.

This year, you can help transform the lives of women like Loko.  From 10-16 May, churches the length and breadth of Britain and Ireland will come together to pray, campaign and raise money to improve the lives of people like Loko.  Every year, 100,000 volunteers demonstrate God’s love for the poor by taking part in house-to-house collections for Christian Aid.   This fantastic witness is a chance to take the mission of the church into your community.  Loko’s choice in life is simple: ‘If I can’t collect firewood, my children will die.’


Four times a week, in a remote corner of Ethiopia, Loko makes a back-breaking eight-hour trip to gather wood. It’s a task she dreads, but she steels herself to do it because if she doesn’t her children will starve.  She prays to God as she walks. ‘I ask him to change my life and lead us out of this,’ she says.  Just £5 could give Loko a loan to start her own business buying and selling tea and coffee, freeing her from her desperate task and allowing her to spend more time caring for her family.


In 2014, the volunteers from St. John’s helped raise £1,817 from the house-to-house collection along local roads.  This wonderful result, was only made possible through the willingness of a large number of people to give some of their time to support Christian Aid.  We have several loyal supporters who help every year, but we are always ready to welcome new people to ensure that we can still cover all our allocated roads.  So, if you can spare just a little time to help with delivery or collection of envelopes, or being part of the ‘counting team’, do please speak to me as soon as possible.  Those are the practical ways you can become involved with Christian Aid Week, but don’t forget that it is also an opportunity to give and to pray.


Christian Aid Week is a real opportunity to go out and put our faith into action.  House-to-house collections raise almost £9m across the UK every year. Asking people to deliver and collect Christian Aid Week envelopes is the perfect opportunity to get the people from St John’s out into your community while demonstrating God’s heart for the poor.  For every pound we raise, Christian Aid puts 86p directly into fighting poverty.  Another 13p goes back into fundraising, to raise the next pound. The last penny pays for governance costs, associated with the general running of the charity, ensuring that the charity can keep going to help more people out of poverty for good.  For more information, have a look at: .


                                                                                Alison Bond                           


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