Sunday March 15 2020


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15-03-2020 Lifegiving Water

01-09-2019 Friend, move up to a better place 

10-05-2019 See, I am making all things new!

05-05-2019 The Power of the Lamb

14-10-2018 The Last will be First 

15-04-2018 Resurrection and Renewal

29-10-2017 Attractive Because Loved 

09-07-2017 Economy of Grace 

02-07-2017 Grace, Legalism and Libertinism

11-06-2017 Women's Ordination Centenary 

06-11-2016 Like the Angels.pdf

18-09-2016 Creative Accounting of God's Grace.pdf

28-08-2016 Shaking and Unshakeable

19-05-2015 Inner Renewal.pdf

01-03-2015 The Way to Life


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