Community Garden

May 2020












July 2019























Beetroot: July 2019








Beetroot picked,cooked and ready to eat!












September 2018


St. John's has teamed up with the Barnet group of Incredible Edible to start a Community Garden outside the Large

Hall in Mowbray Road.

















July 2017 Garden is looking great - do pop down and have a look for yourself.






Strawberries  and herbs have been planted.

Our Bay Tree was discovered while the clearing work was in progress. It  has been moved to  new spot, and hopefully the bay leaves will be very useful.









First day: the work begins on our Community Garden


To find out more about Incredible Edilbe Barnet follow this link:  Incredible Edible Barnet Facebook Page

To find out more about the Incredible Edible Network: Incredible Edible Network


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