Premises Hire

To hire premises please contact Church Administrator

Alison Cousins,       07816 115 817



Size:    16m (54 ft) x 16m (54 ft) - irregular size, modern, tent-shaped building, with access from Somerset Road.

Places:  Approx. 150 seated

Wheelchair Accessible:     Yes

Hearing Loop:       Yes

Disabled/ Men's/ Ladies Toilet:     Yes

General:   Serving area at back for coffees, teas, etc. 6 round tables, 20 stackable padded chairs, Movable bench seating. Good quality Piano.

(Gents and Ladies WC's are also available at Lower Ground floor Level).

Wi-Fi is also available throughout the building.


Large Hall

Size:   8m (26ft) x 14m (46ft)

Places:     Approx. 100

Wheelchair Accessible:     Yes

Hearing Loop:      Yes. Cable only available, to left of stage. Users need to bring their own amplifier and loop amp. 

Disabled Toilet:    Yes

General: Serving hatch connected to kitchen.

There is a Stage : 5m (16ft) x 3m (9ft). 

Store Room.

65No. Stacking chairs. 6No. Large folding tables. 4No. Small folding tables.

Marked out Badminton Court.


Small Hall

Size:     9m (29ft) x 8m (26ft) 

Places:  Approx. 40

Wheelchair Accessible:       No

Hearing Loop:       Yes. Cable only available above door to crypt. Users need to bring their own amplifier and loop amp.

Disabled Toilet:     Yes

General:  38No. Plastic Stacking chairs. 30No. Upholstered stacking chairs. 16No. Brown upholstered stacking chairs. 14No. Large folding tables. 2No. 4ft x 2.5ft Non folding tables. Good quality Piano.






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